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Xedoscoin is gaining popularity on the Internet. Here goes a quick reference to the most recent net activity regarding XDC. We’re focusing on They have a subforum dedicated to Xedoscoin.

First Xedoscoin Pool has arrived!! — announcement of the XDC mining pool

Xedoscoin (XDC) GIVEAWAY — the first giveaway that we know of. 20 XDC free from tucksmcgucks for a promotional forum signature link.

Xedoscoin XDC Information — that was on launch date and was probably an auto post, contains some old info, but still.

And no, it wasn’t us. We spend our free time to work on the coin and the services that run (and will run) on this site.

It wasn’t us. It was you! Thank you and happy mining!

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  1. Hi,
    I am from China. I mined this coin a few days ago, and I like this coin. I think I can give you guys some help if you want to make promotions in China.

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