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Bounty for China exchange and new pools

Not much time to write here recently, as we’ve been busy with the coin development — pools mainly, but also server optimizations, and… promotions. Yes, you’ve read that right — we have a contest open for promoting the Xedoscoin in China.

If you want to see XDC on China exchange (and when we’re there, we’re basically everywhere shortly afterwards), you can donate XDC to the address that we’re using for funding this bounty — WuTBak33RrnV4Td8Mobz6MkAqDbqtLvUCd.

You can check the balance of the fund anytime you like. Also take a look at our thread at bitcointalk about this.

The one that takes us to the first China exchange wins the hunt and takes all the money collected at this address.

We also have more pools — one official (pool.xedoscoin.com), optimized for smaller CPU miners and one located in Singapore, so maybe a bit faster for users from Asia and Australia (xdc.plasr.com).