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A weekend to mine and about exchanges

After reaching values above 70 in the midweek, the XDC difficulty stabilized around 30. And now today, on Saturday, it dropped to 4. Obviously most of the mining machines are office based ones. We are still a small community and the stopping of even one or two bigger miners affects the difficulty.

So, weekend miners, it is your turn now — mine while the diff is low this weekend. No one can guarantee that the same will happen next weekend or the one after that. Of course, there is no guarantee the difficulty will rise again during the work days… but I’m pretty much inclined to bet on it rising. 🙂

In the other news — we are preparing our first pool. Some testing and fixing is still needed, but until we launch, feel free to use the pool(s) linked in the sidebar.

We are also preparing to approach some of the exchanges with a request to add Xedoscoin as a currency available for trading. If you have have something to say on that matter — you prefer an exchange, have an objection, have an advice or anything regarding the presence of XDC on cryptocoin exchanges — please raise your hand and speak now! 🙂

Have a nice weekend, folks! And happy mining!